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Knowledge and Experience

National Valuations has the knowledge, experience and credibility to provide reliable and accurate appraisals in a timely manner for a variety of financial and business transactions.

Founded in 1985, National Valuations, Inc. performs valuation services to asset based lending institutions. We understand the needs of lending institutions. Our staff has its appraisal roots in the asset based lending industry and has 'hands on' liquidation experience. We have appraisal expertise in a wide range of assets, from traditional industries such as metal fabricating, printing and woodworking to compact disk, light bulb and telecommunication equipment manufacturers.

Our appraised values are based upon sales of comparable assets. This data is derived from our continual monitoring of auction sales, as well as specific investigations and research of individual assets and industries. We understand the appraisal needs of asset based lending companies and can provide you with the highest quality of service in collateral valuations.

Understanding the value of business assets means we not only need to understand the value of a company's property, but we also need to understand how economic trends affect asset values. Therefore, National Valuations is constantly monitoring national and regional sales of equipment, machinery and inventory. This information is maintained in a computerized database which is used to determine current values and to forecast market trends. The result is a consistent, thorough and well-researched value analysis... every time.

In addition to understanding the value of business assets, we have the advantage of understanding the workings of lending institutions. Our staff has its roots in the asset-based lending industry and has hands-on liquidation experience. Steven M. Piletz, the founder of National Valuations Inc., has an extensive background in appraisals throughout the United States and Canada. As a former internal appraiser for a national commercial lender, he understands the need for an appraisal company whose work is consistent and reliable.

You can count on that from the experienced professional staff at National Valuations Inc.

Credible Results

National Valuations is an independent, privately owned company. Because we have no affiliation with any accounting firms, auction or lending companies we are not subject to bias, pressures or economic conditions.

That makes our opinions impartial.

We have conducted countless appraisals covering a wide range of businesses in all economic conditions. Actual marketplace sales have proven the accuracy of our work time-after-time. The reliability of our appraisals is due in large part to the integrity of our staff. Professionally certified, we adhere to the code of ethics and professional standards set by the Appraisal Foundation and the American Society of Appraisers.

Because valuations are our only business, valuations are what we do best.

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